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Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, Pellet Stoves, Firewood

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Welcome to Smokin' Ashes

Heating your indoor space with a natural renewable resource like wood is as close to a neutral carbon source as you can get! It heats your dwelling like no other and keeps your thermostat down in the cold months.  Maintaining your wood burning system is an important part of assuring your chimney and flue pipes stay clear and clean of creosote deposits left behind by each fire. The Manitoba fire code states that all chimneys attached to a wood burning appliance MUST be inspected annually for safe operation conditions. Any creosote 3mm or thicker (a dime thick) is considered a danger and must be cleaned and inspected by a WETT trained person each season to ease your minds.

Let Smokin' Ashes help keep your home/family safe.


What is WETT's main function ?
WETT performs a public service by providing a means of distinguishing between people who have formal training in the area of residential wood energy and those who do not. The objective is to protect homeowners from untrained people offering wood heat services who might leave their houses in an unsafe condition. WETT training increases skills and knowledge and promotes a constant understanding of a wood-burning technology and regulations among those who provide professional services to the public

We specialize in chimney sweeping, inspections, installations of wood stoves, fireplaces and pellet stoves as well as firewood sales

Servicing South Eastern Manitoba, Winnipeg and surrounding rural areas and Kenora

Residential, Commercial, Lodges, Cabin Country 

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204-782-4952 or


WETT Certified

Flue Pipe/Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your chimney clean is an important part of fireplace and wood stove safety.

Our goal is to ensure safe and happy burning.

Site Basic WETT Inspections

Providing Inspection reports for Insurance Underwriters, Realtors, Renters, Home Care and your home buying or selling needs.

Annual Maintenance Package 

*Full Service Chimney Sweep/Cleaning and General Overview

Includes; Clearance requirement checks, visual Inspection and overlook, full sweep of chimney and flue liner and a final wipe down of the wood burning appliance being serviced.


"Matt did an amazing job. He not only cleaned our fireplace, he also took the time to get to know us and teach us how to maximize the efficiency of using our fireplace. 

He also did 3 other houses in the area in the same day, and every single person felt the same way. We look forward to having him return next year.

If you are looking for someone that cares and does a great job I would highly recommend Matt, Smokin Ashes"

-Wendy Hofford

Smokin' Ashes Ltd., Richer, Manitoba

"Matt did an excellent job cleaning my stove pipe and replacing two of my gaskets. He was professional, friendly, and it was an all-around awesome experience.  I could not recommend Smokin' Ashes highly enough. 

My stove was a tough job because we had to disassemble the pipe and put it back together, but Matt had a great plan and the price was very fair.

Thanks, Matt!! See you next season."

-Tyler Kornelsen

Smokin' Ashes Ltd., Richer, Manitoba

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